Alison was a wonderful mother, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, and wife. Although her passing at only 59 was a tragedy, Alison loved and celebrated life right to the end, and so we created this web site to celebrate her life, and preserve and share her memory.

The funeral ceremony was held on Wednesday, 25th April 2012 at Dundee Cremetorium. Download Service Book. Alison rests in the McGregor family plot in Eastern Cemetery, Arbroath Rd. Download Cemetery Map.

This site is designed as a online memorial for Alison that will exist forever, accessible to everyone who knew her, wherever they may be in the world.


Browse through the gallery of people and places that were important in Alison's life.


Join in the celebration of life through Alison's music.


Share in heartwarming memories of Alison written by friends and family.